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Top Reasons to Protect Your Home With Professional Roof Cleaning

Protecting your home with roof cleaning

When you think pressure washing, you probably think about getting your siding professionally cleaned, and you're not alone. The average person equates power washing with house washing, and that apparently means just the sides.

The truth is there's more to your home's exterior than just the siding. In fact, the most important feature of your home is your roof, so doesn't that need a thorough washing from an expert from time to time?

All kidding aside, roof cleaning is an extremely essential task to schedule regularly and should be considered part of your home and roofing maintenance. Otherwise, you're putting your roof at risk of more than just lacking curb appeal.

Think Safe, Efficient & Effective for Your Roofing

Do you trust someone to clean your roof using the same abrasive methods they'd use to clean your driveway? Your roofing system may be designed to handle some extreme conditions, but why put it at risk during the cleaning process?

Roof washing, when carried out by a reputable pressure washer, is done using a soft washing method.

  • Solution-based not water-based
  • Prevent leaks or water intrusion
  • Biodegradable and Eco-friendly
  • Eradicates algae, fungus, bacteria
  • Prevents regrowth of afore mentioned

Traditional power washing techniques are perfect for the right job. Since you don't want to damage your roofing system or compromise the structural integrity, you need a softer cleaning method.

However, that shouldn't mean losing the effectiveness in the process. Solution-based roof cleaning is exactly what it sounds like, paired with water only for rinsing.

The water PSI used for rinsing is similar to that of a garden hose and more appropriate for your roofing material. A clean but damaged roof is pointless, so choose a company that offers soft washing.

Hiring the Right Pros for Your Roof Cleaning

The Sparta Soft Wash team takes great pride in the work we do, and that includes implementing safe cleaning methods. We care about the quality of service for your home as much as you do, if not more.

We've built our flawless reputation on a foundation of high-quality work and customer care. It's in our best interest to use the methods that will work best for your home and exceed your expectations.

Your roof has the most critical job to do, and cleaning it is a required part of the maintenance routine. However, be sure that cleaning is catered to the specifications of the surface being cleaned, right down to the type of roofing material that you have.

Call us today for the best pressure washing from a Goshen area company.

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