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Common Power Washing Mistakes Your Company Should Avoid

Pressure washing mistakes

The first mistake of power washing is one that those big-box home improvement retail chains don't want you to know about - leave it to the pros. Honestly, just because pressure washing can be a DIY task doesn't mean it should be.

Exterior cleaning with equipment that uses high-velocity water spray is something better suited for trained and experienced professionals. The risk of personal injury and property damage is much higher than those retailers tend to let on.

Besides, when you work with a reputable industry expert, you won't have to worry about other mistakes. However, being aware of them is a great way to know what to watch for when you're hiring your own power washer.

Protect Your Home With Safe Pressure Washing Practices

Contrary to popular misconception, there's more to pressure washing than you may think, and it's not that simple a job. Care and consideration must be applied for good results, and skill and experience don't hurt either.

Some errors that occur with unsafe exterior cleaning are things like:

  • Too Much Pressure

For many surfaces, nothing stronger than the PSI from a garden hose is appropriate. Yet, some companies will blast away at anything that will stand still with their power washer. It's a good way to damage property or cause bodily injury.

  • Using Only Pressure Washing

In the beginning days of the business, when no one knew better, power washing seemed like an excellent method to use to clean your home, from the roof to the concrete foundation. The industry has evolved enough that we now know some surfaces are better taken care of with soft washing instead - a solution-based alternative to traditional pressure washing.

  • Cleaning Out of Order

As a general rule, start from the roof and work down. However, use a safer cleaning method for the roof and other delicate areas. That means using more than one technique for a deep and professional clean.

Learning the Basics About Pressure Washing

All you really have to know as a homeowner is how to find the right company for your job. By partnering with Sparta Soft Wash, you can feel confident about the level of service we provide.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, but it's also about delivering safe and damage-free cleaning. The company you work with should offer more than just one approach to cleaning the outside of your home.

We're the reliable experts to trust for immaculate cleaning, using safe but effective methods. Call us today to schedule a free consultation for your Goshen area pressure washing.

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